Sport Ball SR3800 Radar Speed Gun & Display Kit

Sport Ball SR3800 Radar Speed Gun & Display Kit

  • Sport Ball SR3800 Radar Speed Gun & Display Kit
  • Sport Ball SR3800 Radar Speed Gun & Display Kit
  • Sport Ball SR3800 Radar Speed Gun & Display Kit
  • Sport Ball SR3800 Radar Speed Gun & Display Kit
The Sports Ball SR3600 Radar Speed Gun & Display Kit provides reliable swing speeds, with the +1mph (+1km/h) accuracy system. Designed for up to 50 hours use in trigger mode and 5 hours for continuous, the sports radar gun can be used for extensive training sessions.

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Ideal for practicing your golf swing velocity on the course, the portable speed gun provides accurate readings between 10 - 256mph (16 - 402km/h) with every golf club. The simple point and shoot action will allow coaches to easily view swing speed, but the added LED display provides a hands-free option for solo training. Moreover, the LED display can extend to a 999-speed reading with larger 4in (101.6mm) digits. Manufactured to record ball distance of up to 60ft (18.28m), the speed gun can supply reliable speed data at a safe distance for players and coaches. The speed radar contains a continuous or trigger mode for unique training. Record your swing speed with the unique data port, which allows players to save their data for elite-level development.

  • The continuous and trigger mode allows coaches or individual players to record data
  • Record speeds at a safe distance of 60ft (18.28m) to protect equipment and coaches
  • Included 4in LED display digits provide a larger hands-free reading for easy visibility
  • Save stats with the data port to improve after each training session
  • Long-lasting battery life when in trigger mode up for up to 50 hours

FORB offers a wide range of speed recording equipment. For more, please browse our Training category.




  • 1x SR3800 radar gun
  • 1x DL431-R (LED) with three 4in (101.6mm) Digits
  • 1x WA-9VDC adapter
  • 1x 25ft RJ45 cable
  • 1x Hard plastic carry case


  • Radar Gun (W x L x H): 2.3in x 10.3in x 7.1in | 5.8cm x 26.2cm x 18.0cm
  • SR3600 Radar Gun weight: 0.45kg | 1lb


  • SR3800 Radar Gun power: Standard 9V battery operation (2 required)
  • DL431-R power: 9VDC | 350ma
  • Data port and external power jack included
  • Continuous mode battery life: 5 hours
  • Trigger mode battery life: 50 hours
  • Low battery indicator
  • Accuracy of +1mph | +1km/h
  • SR3800 Radar Gun display type: 3-digit LCD
  • DL431-R display type: three-digit 4in (101.6mm) LED


  • SR3800 Speed Gun range: 10mph - 256mph | 16km/h - 411km/h
  • Led display screen range: 000 - 999mph | 000 - 999km/h
  • Speed units: Miles Per Hour (MPH) | Kilometres Per Hour (KM/H)
  • Ball Radar Gun range: 60ft | 18.28m
  • Car Radar Gun range: 1000ft | 304.8m


  • DL431-R features two wall mounted hangers & tripod mount
  • SR3800 Radar Gun provides both trigger and continuous modes
  • SR3800 Radar Gun & DL431-R have tripod mount
  • Audio indicator
  • SR3800 Radar Gun frequency: X-band 10.525Ghz
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • SR3800 can be used with a PC/Laptop (cable & software sold separate)
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